Finding your price is simple. Just click on your brand name, find your size and model, and you'll find your price.

If you can't identify your speaker brand or model, look under our unknown tab for a general price. If you choose to send us your speakers and we can identify the brand or model, the price may differ from the unknown price. If so, we will notify you to let you know of the price difference and you may decide if you wish for us to continue with the repair. 

*There is a service charge of $60 an hour for the removal of speakers from cabinets. It rarely takes an hour to get the speaker out, and we only charge for the amount of time it takes (15 minutes= $15). The only reason we charge for this is due to the additional connecting and testing that must be done to ensure the cabinet is working properly. We advise and encourage that you remove your speaker before sending it in.



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